Track the effectiveness of your case and issue handling, including response time, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Aswat edition for CRM manages customer complaints and issues with ‘Case Management’ module. Cases can be created through the CRM system as well as through a simple email sent to a particular address. Handle customer cases quickly and effectively, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Track different statuses and workflows to complete the case and respond to the customer within the CRM, so you can stay ahead of your forecast.

Case management enables ticketing systems to span all departments which relate directly to the customer.

The cases can be directly linked to the customer’s account or any external invoice/POS system by importing the data within CRM.

Claim Management

Easy to use Customer Relationship Management

“Claim management” is a module to manage product claims from customers, based on different level of contracts.

It can manage creation of contracts based on different time cycles and create/process claims requested by the customer through a well-organized workflow. It also facilitates different restrictions per product and claim types.

It incorporates handling of warranty issues and renewal of contracts.

Order Management

Personalize CRM to increase Customer Satisfaction

Use the Order Management module in the CRM to create/track orders for customers through the call center. Import and Maintain the Inventory of all the different products with the Product Management module integrated into Order Management. Track your order every step of the way, from the time of creation till delivery, with order processing time at each step.

Order Management works seamlessly with barcode systems to track different orders. The CRM is also integrated with CTI for managing calls directly from CRM. A new call will create a new lead and register the order with that lead. Return callers are handled much more efficiently as CRM already has all the information about the customer e.g. address, previous orders etc. Call the customer with a click of the button.