Business Analysis
Proof of Concept
E-customer Service

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in their customer service operations

your business

Thanks to long experience of the customer service function across many industries like retail, e-commerce, finance, healthcare, hospitality, transport… and in various IT fields, the ASWAT consulting team will be able to help you implement the most effective technologies, redesign your business, train your people and build your performance metrics.

Expert Computer
Telephony integration

Telephony technologies are changing quickly and norms are different from one country to another, protocols are not standardized, systems have to integrate with each other… Computer Telephony Integration is complex and requires experts.

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Next generation
Contact center

In order to build your next generation contact center, the ASWAT consulting team will assess the existing situation in terms of technology (software, hardware and network), performance metrics and workflows. At the same time, the ASWAT consulting team will try to understand what your business objectives are and help you with benchmarks and operational expertise.